Make a Donation

We accept donations of any amount for the forwarding of our advocacy for animal protection. Your contribution is greatly appreciated. All proceeds from donations go directly towards rescue operations. 


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Free pick ups 

pet supplies, pet accessories, aquarium tanks, blankets, towels

all related pet items. Thank you and remember to Adopt not Shop.

Call or Text for more information (909)841-8104 

email : [email protected]


Everyday Wish List

  1. Pet Food- unopened and hasn't expired 
  2. Wet & Dry Dog Food (grain-free preferred)
  3. Pet Supplies
  4. Puppy Pads
  5. Towels
  6. Cleaning Supplies
  7. Trash Bags
  8. Office Supplies
  9. Paper Plates
  10. Paper Towels
  11. Dish Soap
  12. Liquid Hand Soap
  13. Copy Paper
  14. Gift Cards
  15. Rabbit supplies
  16. Fish /Aquarium Supplies
  17. Batteries (AAA, AA, C, D, DD) 
  18. Portable, lightweight, folding event tables

  19. Pop Up Shade Canopies

  20. Fish Tanks 

Donate Today and make a DIFFERENCE 

All proceed goes to the non profit animal rescue 







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